Self Love

Practicing self love is not as romantic as people make it out to be. 

It isn’t just about bubble baths and trips by yourself, although these are wonderful vehicles for it. Self love is about digging deep in to what feels off and figuring how you got there, adjusting your view on it, allowing yourself to see it all impartially, then working every day towards shifting the beliefs that got you there.

Yes, self love could be taking a trip alone. But then it’s about learning to be comfortable with the silence that ensues. It’s about using that silence to set down the building blocks for accepting and trusting yourself more completely. For being brutally honest with yourself and recognizing the areas you need to change in order to show up as your best self. To set all pettiness aside and learn to see others as a reflection of yourself—all connected as a global family.

Yes, there’s a lot of work involved in self love. But it’s a totally beautiful thing and I encourage you, whatever you’re experiencing, to pursue it.

Before you book that solo trip to Bali, go grab a notebook and a pen. We’re going to start journaling.

I’m not talking any “dear diary” scratchings you may have done in elementary school, although that’s somewhat of a start. Journaling is a way to lay everything out and raw in front of you in order to figure out where obstacles are coming from and if your actions are actually a reaction to them.

Copy these down in your journal and record your answers.

Admittedly, this is just the tip of the self-care iceberg. There is no wrong way to work on yourself. Learning to let go of toxicities in your life, setting boundaries, learning to say “no” without feeling like you have to explain yourself–it all takes practice and time.

What is something you’re learning to let go of?

How do you practice self care? Do you notice any internal changes when you take the time to be good to yourself?

Jenna Danielle