How to BOO your neighbors!

Have you ever been boo’ed? This fun neighborhood tradition was introduced to us last year after moving into our new house. This year, I’m upping the game, much to the delight of the adults.

Scroll down for my free printables so that you can get this fun practice started in your community!

We finally moved into our newly built house last October. Because we were still swimming in boxes and moving clutter on Halloween of 2018, we weren’t able to partake in the fun festivities our neighbors introduced to us, namely getting BOO’ED. We received a BOO, and just couldn’t reciprocate in time. Our neighbors are absolutely amazing, though, and totally understood.

We are so lucky to have found this community. When we built this house, we had no idea how many kids and great people lived here.

Being Boo’ed is super fun for the kids. If you’re not familiar with the tradition, I’ll explain it out for you:

First, gather some fun Halloween things–some just do a couple pieces of candy and a small toy, others fill a whole basket with Halloween-themed treats! Be sure to include printed papers like these:

Drop your gathered goodies on a neighbor’s doorstep, ring the doorbell and RUN!

The fun of it is not knowing who has BOO’ED you and creating your own BOO baskets to share!

So this year when we were BOO’ED, our boo’er forgot to include a “we’ve been BOO’ED’ sign. I was searching Google for one to print for our door (you don’t want to be boo’ed twice by accident, that just means more people don’t get to participate!) and I came across a couple “We got BOOZ’ED” signs.

I thought that was a GREAT idea and I figured our neighbors would love to play along. (Last year on Halloween, being the new family, we sat in our driveway and handed out candy to the kids, and beer and wine to the adults… we made many friends) So I created a few cute graphics and added some alcohol to my grocery list.

It was so much fun walking around the neighborhood to deliver these happy bundles with my stepdaughter. We felt like Santa!

Need some ideas for what to put in your BOO’ED baskets? Check out the Halloween aisle of Target (their Dollar Spot usually has some good stuff too!) or the dollar store. You could even include some candles or lotion for older kids and adults. The possibilities are endless! I try not to fill baskets with too much candy, since kids will be receiving so much from trick-or-treating.

As for BOO’ZING the adults? The world is your oyster.

Less talk-y, more download-y?

Here are your FREE printables for BOO’ING and BOO’ZING your neighbors! (Instant download)

Have you ever BOO’ED or been BOO’ED? How about BOO’ZED? What kind of goodies would you like to see on your doorstep??

Jenna Danielle