At Home Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

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Now THAT’S a before and after!

We recently spent almost a month in Italy and you can imagine how much wine and cappuccino we consumed. As you may know, I’m an enthusiastic red wine lover and visiting the Mother Land of my favorite treat was a dream come true!

What was not ideal was the amount of staining that went on where my teeth are concerned. When your job is to be in pictures and on camera, yellowed/dingy teeth just aren’t a cute look.

Smile Brilliant sent me their home whitening kit and at first I wasn’t sure. I’ve tried all kinds of at home teeth whitening before and never stuck with any of them due to how sensitive they made my teeth. Like, ouch. But after just a few uses I was noticing a HUGE difference. Not only are my teeth not painfully sensitive, they’re also whiter than I’ve seen them in years!

So in order to spare you ouchy teeth, I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to offer you a healthy, white smile!

What I love about Smile Brilliant is their in-home CUSTOM fitted teeth trays. Gone are the days of sticky strips and messy paste. Smile Brilliant sends you the tools to make imprints of your teeth which you send back in a prepaid envelope. They then make you custom gel trays that fit to your teeth like a glove, holding the whitening gel snug against your teeth…and no where else.

Here’s a quick video showing the process for making your imprints.

And what about tooth sensitivity?

With any whitening system, your teeth may get sensitive afterwards. But Smile Brilliant has you covered, y’all. Along with the teeth whitening gel, they also send you an equal amount of sensitivity gel for afterwards. Fill your trays with a small amount of sensitivity gel and leave it on your teeth as long as you can. Many days, I do this right before bed and then I don’t rinse the gel off my teeth when I go to sleep. I wake up with zero sensitivity the next day.

So, how does all this information help you?

I want you to try Smile Brilliant out for yourself. I know you’ll be hooked! I’ve teamed up with them to offer one lucky winner their own customized teeth whitening system.

One of you amazing people will win $149 Smile Brilliant credit–the value of their T3 Sensitive System kit. That means you’re getting brilliant, white, healthy teeth for freeeeeeee. Visiting the dentist for a similar procedure can cost you upwards of $400, y’all.

I’m a believer.

With the holidays approaching, you know you’re going to be in so many pictures. Make sure your smile is dazzling! PRO TIP: This is also an AMAZING gift to give for the holidays!

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