Low Cal Breakfast Sandwich

Who loves breakfast?!

I do! And by breakfast, I mostly mean eggs. I’m a certified eggaholic and I have zero shame. I get pretty excited to eat eggs every morning, but need to switch it up every now and then so I don’t get burnt out–not on eggs, just on everything else, mmmkay?

This little sammich has been on heavy repeat at my house in the mornings. My step daughter loves it and asks for it every morning. “Anything with bacon.” She says. I tend to agree.

Admittedly, I burnt myself out on these about 6 months ago and they just hadn’t crossed my mind lately until my girlfriend Paige (@Paige_nicole03) featured a similar breakfast sandwich on her Insta story.

So, I copied Miss Paigey-Poo and brought them back strong.

These tasty guys are only 320 calories and make a fabulous start to your morning. Pair them with a piece of fruit and a cup of joe (or one of my matcha lattes!) and you’re setting yourself up for a super productive day.

I am not typically one to coach my clients to count their calories because it can be easy to fall into a counting obsession which is just plain unhealthy. But it’s important to understand that, in order to lose weight, no matter which diet you follow or what food you eat, you need to be taking in less calories and burning more.

So, that being said, if you’re looking for a seriously tasty, low calorie breakfast that has a little bit of every food group in it, look no further.

1 Thomas’ Multi Grain Light 100 calorie English muffin, toasted
2 slices of Oscar Mayer turkey bacon, cooked to desired crispness
1 slice pepper jack cheese
a few leaves of baby spinach
1 egg, cooked to desired doneness

If you’re weary of the spinach, I suggest you just put it on there. Baby spinach has a very mild taste and you’re getting extra greens in your diet. I like hiding baby spinach in eggs all the time, because it doesn’t really add a lot of taste.

This breakfast takes me about 15 minutes in the mornings, including clean up. That means more time for makeup, hair, kid’s hair, packing lunches, feeding pups, getting dressed, making phone calls, and generally any other crazy morning duty.

So tell me, are you a breakfast person?

Jenna Danielle