Blogger Gift Guide

The best gifts for the blogger in your life!

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Do you have any bloggers on your holiday gift list? We can be an odd lot with all the random products we may receive and the places we may travel to for our jobs.

Even if you’re not quite sure what it is we do for a living, the fact that you’re here looking for gift ideas for the blogger in your life is amazing!

Bloggers are creative types. Depending on what kind of blogging they do, thinking of the perfect gift for them can be daunting. Because I’m all about being helpful, I’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas for the blogger or influencer in your life.

If you’re looking for the Best Photography Gadgets to make your blogger’s life easier, head over to this post.

External Hard Drive

Everyone needs an external hard drive or two! Not only do they free up space on the computer for the myriad of pictures we take, they’re also wonderful to backup the entire computer every few months. You never want to wake up one day and find your website/computer has crashed. Believe me on this one, I speak from experience. Having a back up is the difference between an annoying few hours and a full blown panic attack, sobbing on your kitchen floor.

Multi Port Adapter

Having an adapter is important if your blogger uses a digital camera to take pictures–especially if they own a Mac computer. This slim device allows them to plug in multiple USB and SD cards.

Water Repellent Laptop Case

Chances are your blogger is always on the move. Having a pretty, rugged laptop case is so important when on the go. I love the extra pocket in this one for a charger or external hard drive.

THE Most Comfortable Lap Desk

This lap top desk is the holy grail of comfort. Nothing beats a lazy Sunday on the couch while still getting work done. I love my Hultzzzy lap desk! They’re made from 100% eco-friendly & sustainable bamboo so you can feel good about gifting one of these babies. They have a laptop bumper, a side pen holder, a media slot and an elastic strap to help hold everything in place as you work. They’re also local to Arizona and I love supporting small businesses! Now through 11/25, get 10% off with discount code: 10offdesk

Flash Drives

Handy for anyone, not just bloggers! Cute flash drives make excellent stocking stuffers.

SD Cards

Digital cameras are life. As someone who takes probably 200 pictures per day, I LOVE having extra SD cards on hand. If I got a few of these in my stocking, I would be so dang happy.

Ring Light

These. Are. Amazing. In any low light or unideal lighting situation, this ring really helps take perfect pictures. It has a holder for a phone, a bluetooth remote and it’s dimmable. Anyone who takes a lot of pictures or videos with their phones (think makeup bloggers, hair stylists, YouTubers) will love this.

Portable Battery

Whether big enough for a laptop or just phone-sized, these are lifesavers when working remotely.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

I love these for everything from traveling to working at coffee shops. My favorite thing to listen to while working remotely? Either rain sounds or nothing. Sometimes it’s nice to just have quiet.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Hours of staring at computer screens can take a toll on our eyeballs. I have one of these pairs and I feel like they totally make a difference in how tired my eyes get! Not only that, but they come in every color under the sun! You can’t go wrong with these!


As someone who has always kept a journal, I am a huge advocate of writing things down. Whether keeping a schedule, a gratitude journal, or a regular journal, the act of physically writing is cathartic and helps keep me grounded. I love receiving pretty new notebooks as gifts. No matter how many I already have, it’s just a matter of time before they’re full! The first one below is the exact one I own and I LOVE it. You can add and remove papers, schedules, notes, etc. It’s so handy!

I’m also including a HUGE wall calendar because I have one on the wall in my office and it has saved my life several times (OK maybe not my life, but it has surely saved my dignity when I can’t seem to remember meetups or deadlines…. SQUIRREL).

Blogger Stuff

What about some cute BLOGGER stuff? Chances are your blogger doesn’t have a crop hoodie showing off their poor career choices. (Kidding! This life is a hard one though!) Show support to that special blogger in your life by getting them something that yells “I work in sweatpants and coffee stains but clean up nice for photoshoots.” They will undoubtably appreciate the recognition. Right now you can get 20% off your first order!

My friend Dani of not only has BLOGGER gear, she’s also created Bad to the Blonde and Bad to the Brunette clothing. They’re super cute, well made and very stylish. Be sure to let her know I sent you! Follow her on IG @badtothebrunette.
BLOGGER coffee mug! Skip the line, and make your IG-worthy cuppa joe right at home.
Cropped brick red BLOGGER sweatshirt
White BLOGGER crop tee. Perfect for the OOTD post!

Jenna Danielle