How to Stick to Your Diet Through the Holidays

Ahhhhhhh, the holidays are upon us! From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years, there’s a delectable meal or treat for every occasion. As we’re getting into the holidays full force, it can be super hard to stick to any diet.

While I’m not an advocate of diets as opposed to lifestyle changes, I know that facing all the deliciousness the holidays can present can wreak havoc on any eating plan.

Whether you’re on a keto, paleo, Atkins, Mediterranean, Weight Watchers etc plan, remembering these few tips can help you stick to it and enjoy your holiday without feeling like you missed out. Because that’s not what the holidays are about.

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The holidays are for enjoyment, celebration and gathering with friends and family. You shouldn’t feel trepidation when approaching a spread of food. It’s important that you head into the holidays with confidence.

In order to support you and your endeavors this season, I’ve compiled a quick list of things to remember when heading into this season full of food.

1. Start with realistic expectations

If you’re anything like me, the holidays provide A LOT of excitement simply due to the food. There are bound to be some of your favorite treats present and the worry of struggling with it all will do nothing but cause you undue stress. Be realistic about your expectations for this holiday.

The truth is, one day will not make or break your diet. The days leading up to and following the holiday are the ones that tend to matter. Don’t skip your workouts and don’t binge every day during this season–you’ll be just fine.

2. Keep your motivation in mind

Whatever your goals are, taking some time to meditate on them (or just rehashing them in your mind) can help keep you focused when the food frenzy starts. (In my house, dinner time at Thanksgiving is probably the most excited I get all year).

Start a vision board or create a board on Pinterest with sayings, workouts, recipes, pictures… WHATEVER motivates you. Look at it every day and visualize what your success will look and feel like.

3. Go in with a plan

Understand that you’ll probably be going into a situation with more than you can eat. Understand that binging isn’t necessary. You can have some of everything you want and you don’t need to feel worried about approaching it. It’s also important that you don’t restrict yourself exponentially during the days leading up to, or after the holiday. Restricting usually leads to overindulging.

4. Remember your portions

I’ll just leave this right here.:

Remember, you can go back for seconds if you’re still truly hungry.

5. Don’t give up just because you overate

Just because you may overeat today, it doesn’t mean the rest of the week is shot. Try finding balance in your week. Don’t skip your workouts, do eat healthy snacks throughout the day and drink lots of water. Balance, baby.

6. Don’t go in starving

Balanced Lifestyle 101, here, friends. Don’t go into a meal starving because you are that much more likely to overeat and make bad decisions. (Gabriel Inglesias is in my head right now with his line “I don’t eat until I’m full, I eat until I hate myself.” Anyone else? I’ve totally been there!)

Have a protein shake or a handful of nuts if you’re feeling too peckish before a meal and drink a large glass of water. Trust me on this: It. Will. Save. You.

7. Give leftovers away

I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t sneak out of my mother in law’s house without being given an armload of leftovers. If you can’t say no (or don’t want hurt feelings) take them and distribute them to your coworkers or hand them out to the homeless.

There you have it. You are armed with knowledge and ready to enjoy your holiday without worrying about “wrecking” your diet. I know you’re going to enjoy the day, right? Right.

Now, tell me which food you’re most excited for.

I love all the cranberry sauces! Yep, even the gelatinous one that comes from a can.

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