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We’ve already talked about why water matters, so today I want to give you some ideas for infused or “detox” waters.

First, can I really detox my system by drinking these waters?

In a nutshell, no. Drinking these waters alone without changing your diet just won’t cut it. The truth is that your liver and kidneys are the filters of your body and can pretty much detoxify your system without any help. Most detoxing diets require cutting out fatty, processed, sugary and salty foods, so the result is feeling lighter and less bloated. These waters can help you stay hydrated whether or not you’re participating in a detox diet.

I love infusing waters in my fridge because they’re cold and tasty and you can grab them when you’re on the go. I drink a lot of water daily and some days it’s nice to have something different.

Here are my favorite combinations for infusing detox waters. I usually get regular lemons, but there was a sale on Meyer lemons today so I grabbed a bag of them. These are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. They’re tangy and sour and a little sweet–they made these waters really tasty!

Watermelon & spearmint.
Meyer lemon, spearmint & cucumber.
Meyer lemon & ginger.

Any peels you’re leaving on need to be thoroughly washed. I peeled and grated the ginger to get the most flavor out of it before putting it in the water. Ginger is so good for your tummy! It’s one of my favorite flavors, too. Mint is also great for your stomach. I love brewing a big batch of spearmint tea and putting it in the fridge to make iced tea.

Whatever way you do it, make sure to drink at least a gallon of water every day.

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