Cinnamon Apple Chips with Koru Apples

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When we were kids, my parents bought my brother and me a food dehydrator. It may as well have been the latest toy–we were so excited. We used that thing every few days, slicing up fruits and veggies to see how they’d dry and what they would taste like. Yeah, we lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere and rural living doesn’t provide many hobbies to kids under 10.

My favorite, hands down, were the dried apples. I’d slice them thin and make chips. I’d slice them thick and make soft, chewy treats. I’d sprinkle cinnamon on some and brown sugar on others. My mom never had to worry about feeding me enough fiber, that’s for sure.

I recently received some of these wonderful Koru apples as part of a campaign they’re working on with thefeedfeed. and figured I’d throw it back to the good ol’ farmhouse days with some apple chips.

Koru apples are crisp, sweet and juicy with an almost honey-like flavor. I was impressed by how slowly they browned after being cut, meaning you can use them to make pretty charcuterie boards and not worry about a brown apple ruining the look! Their slight acidity would also make Koru apples excellent to bake with.

This charcuterie board was my pride and joy for about 30 minutes. Then we ate it.

Cinnamon Apple Chips w/ Koru Apples

1 or 2 Koru apples
1 T. Stevia (or sugar)
2 T. cinnamon

Using a mandolin slicer, slice apples with 2.5mm attachment. If you don’t have a mandolin, just slice them as thin as you can.

Mix up the cinnamon and stevia in a bowl so it’s easy to pinch and sprinkle onto the apples. Be sure to sprinkle both sides of the apples!

Lay them out on a lightly greased cookie sheet and bake at 200º for 2 hours, flipping them halfway through. The apple edges will be wavy when they’re ready.

Note: they won’t get firm or crispy until they are taken out of the oven and allowed to cool!

I don’t core the apples before I slice them because I like the cute little seed stars. If you like to core your apples, by all means! I love this apple corer from Amazon.

We’ve been munching on these guiltless snacks all week! Some of the neighbor kids even tried them and liked them (score!). It’s nice to feed my family a treat that isn’t battered or covered in sugar.

Interested in learning more about Koru apples? Right now I’m teaming up with @koruappleusa and @thefeedfeed to ship one lucky winner some of these crisp fall fruits along with an Adventure Box so you can have your own fall picnic! Check out my giveaway here!

Charcuterie board and apple chips not included–you’ll have to make your own!

Jenna Danielle