Adventure Box GIVEAWAY with Koru Apples and thefeedfeed

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This post is sponsored by Koru Apples and thefeedfeed. While they are kind enough to sponsor me and this giveaway, all opinions are my own.

Desert sunset picnic with Koru Apples and charcuterie.

Ah, apples: the perfect fall fruit. We are so spoiled here in Arizona. In the fall, not only do we get all the best apples, our temperatures are also perfect for any outdoor activity, including hiking (my fav) and picnicking (other fav).

When Koru and thefeedfeed reached out to me about hosting a giveaway, I was super excited that I would get to showcase the unique and beautiful state I live in. Being outdoors is so important to me.

You may know by now that I love adventuring around Arizona, and the other morning I packed some Koru apples into my backpack and climbed a nearby mountain to catch the sunrise from the top. Starting a hike at 6 AM is not easy, but y’all, I am never disappointed by Arizona’s beauty.

PRO TIP: when adventuring, bring a healthy snack along with you!

The Giveaway!

Right now I’m teaming up with @koruappleusa and @thefeedfeed to ship one lucky winner some of these crisp fall fruits along with an Adventure Box so you can have your own fall outing!

The Adventure Box includes:
Koru Apples
Opinel Knife
Pendleton Throw Blanket
Wedderspoon Honey-To-Go Packets
Bee’s Wrap Reusable Plastic Wraps
Brooklyn Spice Company Mulling Spice


1. Follow @koruappleusa, @thefeedfeed and me @sunnyjennadanielle on Instagram.
2. Like my latest Koru Apple post.
3. Tag a friend in the comments on that IG post!
Each new comment + friend tagged counts as an additional entry!

Charcuterie board and apple chips not included… you’ll have to make your own! Click the pic for my recipe for those crispy, healthy Cinnamon Apple Chips featuring Koru Apples!

I’m obsessed with picnics, if you haven’t noticed. This Adventure Box is super cute and had all sorts of fun things to bring along on one. I think my favorite part (besides the apples, obvi) is the Pendleton blanket…. so. dang. pretty.

I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but charcuterie IS a meal.

Jenna Danielle

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