How to Find Adventure on Any Budget

It’s important to get away sometimes. Trust me, I get it. Seeing the same sights every day, breathing the same air… it tends to weigh on a person. A simple change of scenery can bring about much needed clarity.

Personally, I find I need to get out of town regularly to keep my creative juices flowing. I believe that simply experiencing new sights and sounds is important for our minds. It’s like a reset button on my brain. I find that time away helps me think clearer and more out of the box.  If you’re feeling stuck, I encourage you to keep reading.

 Asking for time off work? Purchasing plane tickets, accommodation, food?! If your budget or schedule isn’t ready for this kind of get away, never fear. Getting away doesn’t have to mean a week in the Bahamas (although that’s ALWAYS a good idea), you can find adventure in your own backyard and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Many Americans get about 2 weeks of paid vacation per year. In the span of 12 months, that really doesn’t amount to much adventuring. Especially if you’re like me and you get antsy with too much routine. Save those vacation days for a bigger trip, and use your weekends for quick adventures around your state. 

I’m spoiled. I live in Arizona and my state has many, many different types of geography mere hours from my front door. You bet your bottom I’m off and exploring everywhere I possibly can, as often as I can.

Short on time? Look insideyour town. Maybe plan a few hours around an area of your city you haven’t explored before. Check out a café you’ve never been to or find a park you haven’t visited and pack a picnic. Map out locally owned thrift stores or boutiques and check them out with a friend. Get outside of your normal travel radius.

I bet your home state has some cool places you didn’t even know existed. Hop on the Google machine and make a search for weekend trips near you. Book one night at a BnB in a town you’ve never been to. Maybe a town an hour away has a diner known for making the best pies? Add that to your list of stops. Find a forest, a park, a field, a mountain, a river or even a pond you’ve never been to. Pack a lunch, bring a blanket, ditch your phone. The point is to enjoy the journey. Make a playlist of your favorite road trip songs and be sure to sing them at the top of your lungs (I find this extremely cathartic).

I love bringing my camera and a journal with me when I head out on my own. Sometimes I’ll just start driving in a direction with zero plans and make it up as I go—those can turn into the best adventures.

If you’re a hiker like me, check out or download their app. Plug in your city and they’ll show you the best hiking trails near you! This is 100% unsponsored, I just love All Trails that much.

Our bodies were designed for movement, plain and simple. And by not honoring that basic need, we can grow complacent, heavy, stunted…. idle. If you find yourself feeling this way, I implore you to get out. Give your heart and your mind a break and celebrate the freedom that comes with four windows rolled down and the radio loud.

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Jenna Danielle