Win $150 Target Gift Card!

You show me a girl that say she doesn’t like Target, and I’ll show you a girl that’s never been.

I make it no secret about how much I adore trips to my local Target. Hell, we live 1 1/2 miles from it now that we’re in the new house. If you ask me if the proximity of Target had an influence on the decision of where we built, I may…. not… be able to answer… honestly….

My (borderline) obsession with that quintessential emporium of all things good has led me to team up with a few other bloggers of like minds and offer you, my dear reader, an opportunity to splurge, on us.

But first, I’d like to share with you my latest Target haul in the hopes of inspiring you to check out your local store for a spring shopping sesh to celebrate loving yourself each and every day!

I have this thing with the beauty section of every store. Anyone else with me? I could spend a solid hour looking through nail polish colors, miracle fix-everything serums, hair stuffsssss…… So naturally, that’s the first place I headed when my feet hit the tiled floor of my shopping Mecca.

I’ve always loved Burts Bees, their bottom line of people, profit and planet falls close to my heart. I’ve been using this little eye brightening creme, and I’m liking it A LOT. Ya girl has some ridiculously dark under-eye bags. I’m talking, just-woke-up-in-a-grave yard dark circles. This little buddy has been helping me noticingly brighten those stubborn areas, and it’s only been a week. I’m tired of spending a fortune on concealer, y’all, let’s give thanks and pray that this little tube keeps up the great work.

This next one, my step daughter is LOVING. I picked up a tube of hello brand activated charcoal and hemp seed oil toothpaste, knowing how much I love activated charcoal in my facial masks and in my belly in case of stomach aches. It’s black toothpaste. This alone will tell you how much fun it is to use (the inner 12 year old delights in grinning in the mirror). But I’ve also noticed a bit of whitening, too. It may just be in my head, and if it is, I’m OK with that because it leaves me minty-fresh fresh and I know it’s USA-made, bpa free, with farm grown mint. I feel like a totally hippie. It’s fun.

Next, onto the hair. I grabbed a bottle of this Sea Salt Refresh Hair Spray from Sailor, by Captain Blankenship thinking a texturizer might be fun to play around with. My hair is very fine and thin and anything that even gives the illusion of volume is a win in my book. Unfortunately, this stuff fell short. I’m familiar with salt sprays and the gritty feeling they leave. I love a gritty texture in my hair. I use a plethora of dry shampoos and products to get my hair to do anything resembling subservience. But this Sea Salt Refresh Hair Spray left my hair limp and gritty–just not something my fine hair needed. I’m going to give it to my sister, who has amazingly thick, wavy hair and I bet she’ll love it. I was attracted to it based upon their claim to all natural ingredients. The nautical label design makes me happy too.

Last and certainly not least….. Target’s Dollar Spot never fails me. I had just picked up a beautiful basil plant at the grocery store, literally hours before my Target run. Then I walk into my store and BOOM! Right there in the front is the cutest little basil pot. $5. Sold. I haven’t had good luck with basil in the past. I think I over watered my last plant and it choked on me. This go ‘round I’m determined to keep this guy alive. The cute pot should help. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

If you look closely in the background, you’ll see my plethora of plants on the breakfast nook table that we never get to sit at because I keep putting off buying an actual plant rack.

There you have it, friends! A fun little Target haul with a love-yourself theme. Now, get on over to my IG today through the weekend and check out this post. Be sure to follow the directions in the caption and you could be on your way to winning a $150 Target gift card! A winner will be announced on April 1st!

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This post is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Target, Instagram or any other brands besides Jenna Danielle.

Jenna Danielle