Booty Workout w/ Fitnetic resistance bands

Build a better booty ? with @fitneticbrand resistance bands!

Fun designs and amazing quality: these booty bands make great gifts!

Whoa, y’all, these things are no joke. I am so sore. Get a short, effective workout in less than 30 min with these babies and grow the bootay. Here’s what I did:
1. Glute Bridge w/ Abduction—15x
2. Squat Jumps—10x
3. Low Crab Walk—10x/each side
4. Elevated Frog Pumps—15x
5. Kickbacks—15x/each leg
6. Hip Abduction—10x
@fitneticbrand designs these bad boys with excellent quality and stylish designs (I mean, have you seen the marble or the leopard print ones??) ?
I love the myriad of simple workouts I can get done anywhere with these resistance bands. AND they’re easy to store & perfect to take traveling.
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but all opinions and workouts are my own.

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Jenna Danielle