Green Drank Smoothie

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There’s nothing better than a cold smoothie on a hot morning! Over here in Phoenix, we tend to have more hot mornings than not and I love it. I like to whip up this smoothie most mornings before I workout, or when I know I’m going to be busy and need something in my stomach.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t eat right after I get up in the mornings. Because I enjoy working out early in the day, it means I have to get something in my system so my workout doesn’t kill me. Solid food is out of the question. My stomach isn’t ready for that kind of action and I don’t usually have the time between getting up and dressed and getting to the gym at a decent hour (read: not packed). Cue Green Drank.

Confession: I ran out of vanilla protein powder this AM, so this has 1/2 vanilla, 1/2 chocolate.
I’m not at all mad about it.

With our sleep-deprived morning brains, Brian and I started calling our green morning smoothie Green Drank, and it sort of stuck. We add a scoop of protein powder in there so we can fuel our bodies and a handful of greens because… well, greens. Apple cider vinegar has been lauded all over the past decade for reducing bloat, helping digestion, killing bad bacteria, lowering bad cholesterol and a myriad of other health benefits. Blueberries are packed full of antioxidants which have been shown to reduce DNA damage in the body and help delay mental aging by supporting brain functions. Flax seeds are high in fiber (yay regularness!) and omega-3s which have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Give this little drank a try and I promise you’ll be feeling pumped and ready to take on the day!

2/3 c. cashew milk (or base of choice)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (this is our fav!)
1 large handful of spinach or other greens
1/2 c. blueberries*
1 T. flax seeds
Splash of apple cider vinegar
Optional: handful of ice

Throw into a blender and blend!
I LOVE our Ninja blender! We’ve had it for several years and it always chomps through even the most frozen solid foods in seconds. It’s an amazing, affordable option:

*Note: we buy blueberries when they’re on sale and freeze them, or buy the large frozen bags of them so that they keep longer and we don’t have to add ice. You may need to add another splash of cashew milk if your smoothie too thick.

There you have it: a great start to your day and a tasty morning treat!

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