A New Normal?

Today I got to the grocery store at 7 AM because that’s when the shelves are (mostly) still stocked.

I felt sort of naked because I was one of the few people there without a mask and/or gloves. I smiled at the cashier from behind the plexiglass shield, we chatted a bit about chicken recipes.

I stopped back home to put the groceries away, but I washed and sanitized everything first.
Then I went to the next grocery store to pick up other odds and ends. I joined the line (6 ft apart) around the building, waiting to get in. I bought flowers and wine.

I chatted with the cashier about her new granddaughter she hasn’t gotten to meet yet.

This has become our new normal. This sanitizing, once-per-week out of the house routine. It’s crazy how quickly we have adapted to these changes.

I still experience huge waves of sadness. For the loss of routine. For the world. For the small businesses. For the people affected.

Trader Joes essentials: flowers and wine.

But then I think of all the kindness I’ve experienced: The gentleman with the baby loaded down with bags who still asked if I needed help carrying my box. The woman in line that chatted with me about our dogs. The dancing store manager who is always quick with a smile and a song (seriously, every time I see him!).

I’ve come to realize that it’s ok to feel sad and lost and helpless sometimes. You can visit those feelings, but don’t live there. Keep smiling at strangers, keep washing your hands, keep enjoying the extra time with your family. This, too, shall pass and we will all come out of this with so much gratitude for simple things, I think it may change the world.

I’ll see you again, Italy.

Jenna Danielle