Weekend Getaway: Flagstaff, AZ

This past weekend we went up to Flagstaff. I’ve lived in AZ a little over a year now and I love to get out and experience the different climates that come with this state. In the Valley, we’ve been experiencing 80 degree temps most days–which suits my thin blood just fine–but an hour north of us, Flagstaff only gets up to the 60s right now. Brrr! We weren’t entirely prepared. Sure, the weather app told us it would be a low of 40 but when you’re sitting on the patio in shorts and a tank, that really doesn’t register like it probably should. HA!

We first hiked around Walnut Canyon National Monument. The ruins there are just amazing. As you make your way around the steep cliffs, more and more come into view, actual abodes built right into the canyon walls. If you ever get the chance to see it, I suggest you go. It’s an easy hike along a really well maintained trail. Just beware–the elevation there is around 7,000 feet and there are plenty of stairs to scale. I have been battling an annoying head cold for the past week and I found I had to stop and rest more than normal. But those views and the ruins–definitely worth it.

When we decided to take this trip (literally) the night before, we had no idea that weekend was Northern Arizona University’s homecoming. We got the very last (teeny, tiny) hotel room available downtown and I’m so glad we did that instead of going somewhere bigger/nicer that was also farther away. We were walking distance to all the fun stuff. I ended up buying a ridiculously cute scarf at one of the boutiques downtown to ward off the October chill I definitely wasn’t prepared for. Brian and I had such a blast. The downtown was alive with crazy college spirit. I love college towns.



May we pause for a moment and talk about this hunk? Seriously, the boy makes the butterflies in my stomach do somersaults. OK, continue.


Mmmmm, craft beer. Now, I’m no microbrew snob, but I do love me a good IPA.


That’s the scarf! Such a happy scarf! I’m so glad I was able to come away from our little adventure with a (super) cute memento. I’ll always remember our fun, spontaneous weekend when I wear it.

So. Much. Fun. Ah, it’s Monday and back to reality though. Halloween is this next weekend and we still have zero idea what we’re going to be doing. I’d better get on that….

Tell me about a spontaneous trip you’ve been on or want to go on!

Jenna Danielle