Prescott’s Winter Wonderland

Did you ask for snow for Christmas?

We don’t see much snow out here in the desert. But if you time it right, a quick trip up Interstate 17 can grant you entrance into another world:  Prescott, Arizona. A little change refreshes the soul and ignites the imagination. We found it in the snowy grandeur of Prescott.

As we drove into the white crystalline world, the expansive vista took our breaths away.

The bite of chill through our gloves. The crunch of snow beneath our boots. A snowman. A silent world. Rosy cheeks and laughter as we watch our breaths steam and curl from our lips. The excitement in the season’s first snow angel.


Winter trips to Prescott are a regular thing for us Phoenicians. After our snow adventures, we drive into the beautiful little downtown for a cup of coffee, cocoa, and a quick warm up before strippping our gloves and hats off and heading back down into the valley.


If you live in the valley, take a venture up north this winter to play in the snow. Prescott is our favorite destination by far. Dress warm, bring a sled or two and delight in the fun of a snow day.


Setting up the camera caught our silliness.

Jenna Danielle