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I’ve been asked a lot about what kinds of gadgets I use when traveling and also for blogging. I’m all about full disclosure, I don’t believe in keeping cool secrets to myself! I decided to list all my cool stuff here and keep it updated so that you, too, can get the tools to make life/travel/blogging easier.

So far, I only have photography equipment because that’s what I get asked about most, but I’lll be adding to this list!

Interested in what I use to make my life easier?

UBeesize Phone Tripod

I SWEAR by this thing! The bendable legs have a textured rubber that makes them stick to whatever you desire. It also has a bluetooth remote so you can take pictures or videos ANYWHERE you can imagine! I rave about this thing to all my friends! And it’s UNDER $20! I would easily pay twice that for the amazing quality of this tripod.

Lighting Kit

My blogger bestie swears by this lighting set! It’s under $60 and it can be folded up and put away when not in use. This is a really great price for lighting equipment and perfect for getting those perfect photos.

Abithid Travel Tripod

This full size camera tripod is super lightweight (2lbs!). We carried this thing all over Italy and Santorini, Greece in September. It’s sturdy enough to trust with my Canon and it even has a little hook at the bottom to weight it down if you’re experiencing windy conditions (because it’s so light). My only gripe about it is that it’s not as tall as my home tripod. It reaches 49″ so it’s not tiny, but it’s difficult to shoot close ups at eye level. This is trifling, really. There are other travel tripods that may be better, but at under $40, this is definitely the best bang for your buck.

Pixel 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Shutter Release

This, my loves, is how I shoot 80% of the pictures of myself. This wireless shutter release plugs into my camera and I hold the bluetooth remote while I’m snapping pictures of myself. If you’re still setting your camera on a 10 second delay and rushing to pose in front of it, purchase this right now. You won’t believe how much easier this makes your life. It’s only $25.
Please note: this particular shutter release is only compatible with Canon, Pentax, Samsung, Contax, Sigma and Hassleblad Cameras.

Canon Rebel DSLR

The Canon Rebel is an amazing beginner DSLR. It’s very different from a normal point and shoot camera, but if you’re serious about blogging or photography, this is the place to start. This bundle comes with an 18-55mm lens, battery and charger, and memory card so you can begin shooting right out of the box.

50mm & 24mm Canon Lenses

I use these two lenses all the time. They’re prime lenses, which means that they do not zoom in or out. Because of this, they shoot some incredibly sharp images. These are both amazing for travel because they’re small, lightweight and give you a large background. They’re both under $150, which is a REALLY great price for any lens.

What other kinds of gadgets would you like to see listed here?? Leave me a comment or get with me on Instagram!

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