Jenna Danielle

Hi, I’m Jenna.

Although originally from Texas, I lived in about 15 different cities in 5 different states all before I was 30. I was born with a wandering bone, so my husband, Brian, and I regularly get out of town in search of new adventures. I live just outside of Phoenix, Arizona with said husband, our 10 year old redhead, six chickens and 2 fuzzdogs.

I enjoy being in and around the kitchen, Red Dirt Country music,  pretty much any Chianti and I’ve never met a taco I didn’t like. I (obvi) love food. In fact, a big reason we travel is to experience new foods–you can usually find me talking about or snapping pics of food in my Instagram stories….I’m not sorry.

I’m an unapologetic day dreamer, an avid baker and sports enthusiast. I have a tendency to laugh a little too loudly, and I overthink just about everything. I tend to cuss a lot but (I think) I clean up nice. I’m constantly thinking and my facial expressions reflect whatever is on my mind so if you see me out in public with some weird-ass looks on my face, just know I’m having some inner dialogue and try not to be afraid (then come say hi, please!).

So what’s this blog all about, anyway?

I created this space to share with you my best and most favorite ways to live a healthy, happy life, tips and behind the scenes of our many travels and …. All served up hot with colorful pictures, a little wine and a heaping side of sarcasm.

I’m also a freelance writer, specializing in health and nutrition, sports, and motivational speaking. I can be reached for collaborations or inquiries at